Bracket Released: The First Noel

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 10.07.45 PM

One of these times I’m going to video myself trying to make these brackets. It is stressful, people. You have to look at who nominated what, and decide which nominations to leave out, and watch match ups, both for the actual artists but also for the people who nominated…WHEW! It is DIFFICULT!

But it’s done. We’re off and running. Voting for the first round is open, and the deadline is Tuesday at 9 pm PST.



#1 Mary J. Blige vs. #16 TobyMac

I’m claiming credit for Mary J.’s nomination, as I found it before Bylsma. It’s. Awesome. Robin Mohr nominated TobyMac’s recent release.


#8 Philadelphia Brass vs. #9 Mariah Carey

David Sherwood delivered a great brass version when asked for one by Robin Mohr, and Bethany Bylsma nominated Mariah and all her high register showboating. (GO AHEAD AND YELL I DON’T CARE.)


#5 Over the Rhine vs. #12 Regency College Choir

Martha Wood offered up Over the Rhine, a cello instrumental gem. They face off against a traditional choir from Regency College, nominated by Jenn Perez.



#4 Emmylou Harris vs. #13 Lady Antebellum

Emmylou Harris brings a very creative and vocally compelling version, nominated by Bylsma. Robin Mohr offered a nice version from Lady Antebellum, which I actually enjoyed (this is not easy to do when I listen to country).



#6 Pentatonix vs. #11 Semino Rossi

Rachelle Staley and Jenn Perez nominated Pentatonix. I already put in a vote for them with Steve Sherwood’s name on it. Willow Givens nominated a classical version from Semino Rossi.



#3 Whitney Houston vs. #14 Vince Gill

Bethany Bylsma and I both nominate Whitney. Wow. And she faces Vince Gill, nominated by Davida Brown Ankeny. This is in a way to support Lisby Rogers, since Vince is Amy’s husband…



#7 Sarah McLachlan vs. #10 Ella Fitzgerald

Sarah McLachlan was nominated by Martha Wood, Jenn Perez, and Bethany Bylsma. She faces Ella Fitzgerald, fresh off her “Midnight Clear” win, nominated by David Sherwood.



#2 Leslie Odom Jr. & PS 22 vs. #15 Andy Williams

Davida Ankeny Brown, Martha Wood, and Carla Barnhill all nominated this fantastic Leslie Odom version, with kids from Public School 22. And I’m excited to have my first nomination from one of my new co-workers, Rena Koster. She grew up listening to Andy Williams and nominated this.

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