Amy Grant-Round 2

Here in the warm belt of a Tennessee Christmas, I’ve discovered not just the Rogers clan; there are so many for whom Amy has brought peace and serenity (now) into 2016 Christmas. And lo and behold! I find that you voters are like me, and far prefer Amy’s first Christmas album…many of the upsets came from young Amy’s first Christmas recording. In fact, the only songs from the first recording that lost ended up being ones that lost to other recordings from the first cd…err, cassette. 🙂 Five of the final eight come from 1983.


So let’s do this…let’s vote these 8 survivors down to 4 by Christmas Eve night, and then I’ll give a couple of days for the next round of voting so that you can spend time with your family without being distracted by voting! Deadline is Saturday night at 10 pm PST.

#1 Breath of Heaven vs. #9 Welcome to Our World


#4 Hark the Herald Angels vs. #12 Heirlooms


#11 Emmanuel vs. #14 Love Has Come


#2 Tennessee Christmas vs. #7 Agnus Dei

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