Amy Grant Warmth and Cheer!


Yesterday’s fighting and yelling and angst and ballot box stuffing was great for my blog stats, but was not conducive to building the warm glow of Christmas cheer. So with the big day just a few short days away, it’s time to wrap yourself in the warm fuzzy Christmas blanket that is the bracket o’ Amy!

NO HATERS! If Amy is not your thing, you just get yourself on over to the What Child is This? bracket without saying a word here. I mean it, Josh Reid…and Bethany Bylsma…and Bob Ramsey. This is a linkfest of Amy love, a nomination of Amy nostalgia. Rogers family et. al., enjoy!

(I let iTunes popularity ratings largely control the seedings, with my own little tweaks that always favor the original Amy Grant Christmas of my youth…)

Here we go! Votes must be in by Friday at 8 pm PST.

#1 Breath of Heaven vs. #16 It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year


#8 Christmas Lullaby vs. #9 Welcome to Our World


#5 To Be Together vs. #12 Heirlooms


#4 Hark the Herald Angels Sing vs. #13 Sleigh Ride


#6 A Christmas to Remember vs. #11 Emmanuel


#3 I Need a Silent Night vs. #14 Love Has Come


#7 Agnus Dei vs. #10 Grown Up Christmas List


#2 Tennessee Christmas vs. #15 O Come All Ye Faithful


Get to it!

One thought on “Amy Grant Warmth and Cheer!

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