What Child-Round 3

Internet routers around the globe must have been laboring under the strain of all the votes in round 2. The people are crying out in agony under their perceived oppression, with claims of cheating and ballot box stuffing. The unassuming matchup of #1 Andrea Bocelli and Mary J. Blige against #17 Amy Grant brought MASSIVE voter interest, led to an Emergency Contingency Plan for a potential Commissioner intervention, and WordPress kept alerting me multiple times that my stats were booming.

Just like in real life, controversy drives interest!

But we must keep moving forward, we cannot look back to what is already done. There are more matchups to be decided if we are going to choose the best version of “What Child is This?” The turnaround has to be quick, because we had such a big bracket, Christmas is coming (and the goose is getting fat). Get your votes in by Thursday night at 8 pm!


Bylsma’s “Get out the vote” campaign proved invincible again, as #1 seed Andrea Bocelli and R&B power from Mary J. Blige were able to overcome several major scares to advance, and they face #24 seed John Denver.


#5 seed Lindsay Sterling advances with relative ease to face #4 seed Earth, Wind & Fire.


Next we have the upset special matchup, as #11 seed Harry Connick Jr advances to face #14 seed Mahalia Jackson. (Can we have a moment of silence for my new crush, Found Wandering?)


#2 seed Bela Fleck and the Flecktones had no trouble advancing, but their opponent is one that hung in the balance. The Emergency Contingency Plan gave the option of basically having an intervention for a “second chance” bracket for the loser of the headline matchup between Grant and Bocelli/Blige. But ALAS! The vote ended in an 11-11 tie, placing the hopes and fears of all the years in my (sweaty, trembling) Commissioner’s hands.

I cannot be the sole person to change the rules after the contest has begun. The people did not definitively speak, so the Flecktones face  #7 seed the Vince Guaraldi Trio.


So get after it! Share, rally your troops, make your votes count by Thursday at 8 pm PST!

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