Emergency Contingency Plan!!!

With unprecedented voter interest in the matchup between #1 Andrea Bocelli & Mary J Blige against #17 Amy Grant, I would like to ask your opinion on a possible commissioner intervention. Clearly, I underseeded the power of Amy voters. Obviously the winner will advance. BUT-should the loser ALSO advance? In another spot on the bracket?

Here’s what to consider: #7 the Vince Guaraldi Trio vs #10 John Coltrane only has 45 votes. Andrea/Mary vs. Amy has 172. That many votes, even in a losing cause, maybe should be honored.

SO: Should the loser of Andrea/Mary vs. Amy replace the winner of Coltrane/Guaraldi? YOUR VOTES WILL DECIDE! VOTING ENDS AT 8pm PST.

One thought on “Emergency Contingency Plan!!!

  1. I thought coltrane versus guaraldi was a brutal matchup. I like both of their versions 27 times more than B&B or Grant. Don’t drop the jazz man!


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