Good King Wenceslas-Round 2


You people always surprise me with what you like…who knew Sheldon was so incredibly compelling? What is it that you like about the Piano Guys? I just don’t get it… Plus I don’t care how cute Hugh Grant’s looks are, or British children. This is a music contest, not a video contest!

The closest matchup in Round 1 was as it should be, between the #8 and #9 seed. Manhattan Transfer pulled out the mild upset with one vote.

We’re now ready for Round 2. Voting closes Tuesday evening at 9 pm PST. Get the word out!

#1 The Bills

#9 Manhattan Transfer

#5 Bing Crosby

#13 Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory

#11 The Muppets

#14 The Piano Guys

#2 Colbert, Stipe, Pantinkin

#7, Michelle Beauchesne’s Cello Christmas

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