Coventry Carol…Round 2

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 8.12.36 PM

The first round is complete, and the storyline is simple: Bethany Bylsma’s skills at recruiting voters, honed over the past few years, have proven irresistible to the rest of the field. All four of her nominations advanced, two at the expense of poor David Sherwood’s nominees. Should any feel a desire to complain, I suggest you learn the fine art of persuasion and get your people voting as well!

The closest battle was between #8 and #9, where Bethany Lee’s Libera pulled out a close win over Sting. John Denver mounted a surprisingly strong upset bid, but the boys’ choir of King’s College would not be denied. Alas, our hometown bell crew fell victim to Bylsma’s “Rock the Vote” campaign. We’re left with one non-traditional melody, three other strong vocal ensembles, and four non-traditional styles.

So it’s time to whittle the field from eight down to four. Make your votes count by Friday at 6 pm PST!

#1 Assyrian a cappella
#8 Libera

#4 The Ecclesian Choir
#5 Annie Lennox

#11 Tori Amos
#14 Cynthia Clawson

#2 King’s College Choir
#7 Deas Vail

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