Coventry Carol Bracket Released

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Thank you friends! Once again, you’ve contributed quite a diverse collection. And once again, there is an amazing groundswell of support for 70’s folk music…

So vote! Share this link with your friends! Whittle this field down to eight by Wednesday night at 6 pm PST.

Robin Mohr contributed what I’m giving the #1 seed, a beautiful version in Assyrian. The words of this carol fit what children in Syria are experiencing in many ways.

They face off against #16 The King’s Singers, nominated by Ed Knoch. It’s a strange one, but one could argue it fits the lyrics better than any other entry.

In the difficult #8/#9 matchup, Bethany Lee contributed Libera, who earns the #8 seed (and taught me about Picardy Thirds).

Nate Macy nominated #9 Sting…fast forward to 1:10:38 for the start of the Coventry Carol.

I betrayed my anti-folk bias over the last two years of Advent Caroling Madness, but here I give the lucky #12 seed to Joan Baez. Becky Ankeny nominated this one.

She goes against #5 Annie Lennox, nominated by Martha Wood. Annie’s effective use of African children also reminds of the heartache of this song.

I’ll confess…I love the #4 seed from The Ecclesian Choir, nominated by Bethany Bylsma. It’s not the traditional tune, but so good…like a strong team from the Pac 12 going up against the Kentucky and Duke traditionalists.

David Sherwood offered #13 from the Philadelphia Brass.

#6 Phil Keaggy is a very nice instrumental version nominated by Paula Hampton.

He goes against Bethany Bylsma’s nod to Tori Amos at #11.

Had to do this! Our own Newberg Friends’ Bell Choir played the Coventry Carol this past Sunday, so they get the #3 seed.

They face #14 Cynthia Clawson, another from Bethany Bylsma.

An unorthodox offering at #7 is Deas Vail (Bylsma again)…like a strong mid-major, senior laden team who does its own thing.

#10 is a strong a cappella male choir called Cantus, nominated by David Sherwood.

I hope Cambridge’s King’s College Choir at #2 will go a long, long way. Steve Sherwood offered this strong contender.

They face off against #15 John Denver, thankfully without the Muppets this time and nominated by Robin Mohr.

There you are! Hit those votes! Get the word out!

One thought on “Coventry Carol Bracket Released

  1. I have returned. For the 4th time in 24 hours. To check on my babies….eeeer…songs. I am rallying the people of Seattle. THE RIGHT WILL TRIUMPH. If not….how can we believe in anything good?!?


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