Down goes the superstar & voting for round two

Oh, Baby, Baby…love couldn’t find a way. In the most stunning development since Santa Claus told Rudolph he was going to have to cancel Christmas, #2 seed Amy Grant has been upset in the first round. Part of me wants to find someone to promise to be with Elizabeth Curtis Gemeroy for the next 24 hours to make sure she stays safe.

While it is true that #15 Simon & Garfunkel was a formidable foe, the true turning point did not lie in the music; nor did it reside in the brilliant pairing of video and audio footage of world difficulties alongside the peace and hope of the Silent Night lyrics. No, the true turning point reminded me of when I was in the building in Boise almost 14 years ago for an opening round basketball game and watched #15 Hampton University upset #2 Iowa State. There came a moment in that game where Hampton’s funkadelic band whipped the neutral Boise crowd into a frenzy, and we all started to believe that Hampton could win. It was the off the court momentum that seemed to make the difference.

In the darkness of Monday morning, when it seemed all hope was lost, Bethany Bylsma rose up. With an extension to the voting given, she spared no effort in her “rock the vote” message, and S&G ended up winning in a landslide.

There were two other matchups which provided drama, starting with the #6-#11 battle. Over the Rhine held a comfortable lead, and while Bethany’s “go vote” campaign was in support of her beloved S&G, it seems Sufjan Stevens gained new life with the influx of these voters. An hour before the 7 pm deadline, the voting was literally tied. But someone tipped the scales in favor of Over the Rhine with a last minute vote. I have proof (note the time in the menubar):

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 7.00.13 PM

Finally, #10 Mary J. Blige & Marc Anthony pulled out a minor upset over #7 Pricilla Ahn, although Pricilla also benefitted with a late surge from S&G recruits voters.

All this leads us to round two. Please do make your vote count before Friday, Dec. 12 at 9 pm PST.

#1 seed Chanticleer takes on Bing Crosby after a dominating win in round one.


Crowd favorite (well…some of the crowd) Pentatonix faces off with  John Denver and The Muppets, in what I predict will be a close and fierce battle.


Next up, South Africa’s Drakensberg Boys Choir (on Spotify, get your free account to listen) goes against the aforementioned Over the Rhine, who narrowly escaped round one against Sufjan Stevens. (Remember it’s track #10, not track #2, that is the entry here.)


Finally, cast your vote in the matchup between bracket busters Simon & Garfunkel and Mary J. Blige and Marc Anthony.


Get your votes in by Friday at 9pm PST!! As we’ve already seen EVERY VOTE COUNTS!

5 thoughts on “Down goes the superstar & voting for round two

  1. I WILL NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THAT DARK, SILENT NIGHT. Simon and Garfunkel are prophets and truly deserve to have their mash-up heard. It’s a new generation. A new decade. And the same, sad, headlines. THEY ARE RELEVENT. I’m so proud of voters. A thrill of hope – this weary caroler rejoices.


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