Play-in round: Silent Night, Advent Caroling Madness

Once again, the response to Advent Caroling Madness is truly inspiring. You people care, you really care about my little Advent Adventure. I’m deeply touched. When I had this idea last year, I had no idea the life it would take on, the hope it would bring to the hopeless, the immense amount of CAPITAL LETTERS IT WOULD SPUR FROM BETHANY BYLSMA.

This year, I’ve committed to at least this one week of Advent Caroling Madness, where we will vote to pick the best version of the classic “Silent Night”. I received so many nominations that I am now holding a play-in round, so that you can decide who will actually make it in the final 16 song bracket.

SO GET VOTING BELOW!! You can click the links to listen. I’d prefer that you only vote one time for each matchup, although I obviously can’t control that. Please get your votes in by Thursday (the 4th) at 9 pm PST.

High School Category: Kati McKee is Tigard High School’s band teacher, and offers a marching band version of Silent Night. Heidi Tschan was a music education major, and offers this unique arrangement from a high school choir (“When do basses EVER get the melody?”). Which high school “Silent Night” would you put in the final bracket?


Classic Style Category: David Sherwood offered a wonderful a cappella version in a classic style by Chanticleer, even using some of the original German lyrics. In honor of her dad, who recently passed away, Erin Heasley Knoch nominated a classic four part harmony version by Forte. Which version of the classic style should be in the final bracket?


Genres I Don’t Enjoy Category: I’m making you people choose between two of my least favorites. I know I will be accused by Melanie Springer Mock of bias, but hey, this whole Advent Caroling Madness is MY invention. Another downside is both of these are nominated by my good friend Robin Mohr, and she is likely to be offended by my actions here as well. But it isn’t personal, it’s just…well…I personally don’t like either of these. There. I said it. So you all have to choose between The Muppets with John Denver, and Alan Jackson.


Eccentric Musician Category: Of course, both of these options were nominated by the talented J Rourke. Sticking to form, he offered a Sufjan Stevens version of Silent Night, which I am putting head to head with his other suggestion, Bela Fleck & The Flecktones.


Vocal Groove Category: In part to combat the charge of bias in these seedings, I am forcing Jenn Perez’s nomination (and one of my favs) Pentatonix to have to earn their way into the bracket. They go up against those smooth operators The Temptations in the final play in matchup.

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