“Joy” Round 1 results…Vote for round 2!

Either my seedings were off, or you people vote wrong. Upsets galore in round one!

Aretha had no problem, not breaking a sweat even though she was swallowed by some funky mink thingy all over her head and neck. But #4 seed Natalie Grant and #5 seed Andrew Ripp got ripped by #12 Train and #13 George Jones. And I am actually joining J Rourke in crying over Sufjan. Really people? Chicken puppets bawk-bawking? You advanced chicken puppets? Seriously? Sigh.

Anyway, here’s the new bracket:

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 9.06.37 PM

You can listen to Aretha Franklin or John Rutter and the Cambridge Singers by clicking on their names.


Here’s Train and George Jones.


Gospel vs. Gospel right here: Whitney against Pastor Patrinell Wright and the Total Experience Gospel Choir


George Fox University and I seriously cannot believe this, The Muppets.


Votes will be tallied at 9 pm PST on Thursday night! Please get rid of those chickens!!!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on ““Joy” Round 1 results…Vote for round 2!

  1. Well, I’m with you on the Muppets thing. But I thought you got to choose, even if the voting was wrong, so this one is on you.
    I’m voting for Aretha again because she actually sounds glad that the Lord is come, rather than just technical mastery in the Cambridge Singers.
    George Jones for the simple beauty of the song.
    The choir over this lesser effort of Whitney.


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