Bracket Released for Advent Caroling Week #3

I do believe that in this third week, we all have hit our stride. In my opinion this is the most diverse bracket I’ve put up yet. Here is the bracket for Joy to the World:

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 10.57.32 PM

Before any of you (J) complain about the seeding (J), take a look at the potential matchups. The committee may have seemed to slight some entries, but perhaps their path forward is a little easier by being seeded where they are.

I’ll do things a little differently this week, with the voting place right next to the links to the songs.


This, as they say, is a mismatch from the get-go. MK Koch (NHS grad, Gonzaga student, who weighed in from her semester away in Scotland) and Bethany Bylsma (INTENSE ALL CAPS YELLER, seminary student, change the world friend) nominated Aretha Franklin, and she gets the well earned #1 seed. Ben Kulpa (loves Bruce Springsteen but I forgive him for that) nominated the Allman Brothers, who are just happy to make an appearance as a #16 seed (fast forward to 18:31 to hear Joy to the World).


David Sherwood (Trombone player & retired Social Work professor) nominated our #8 seed, John Rutter and the Cambridge Singers. They face #9 Third Day, nominated by Jacob Knoch (son of college friend Erin).


Carol Sherwood (started Parish Nursing at our church!) has done it two weeks in a row, pulling out a very interesting nomination that I had never heard and really enjoyed. She suggested #5 Andrew Ripp. He faces off against my nomination, #12 seed Train. Make sure to listen-you’ll have an “I see what you did there” moment (1:43 for those who need a clue).


Hayley Koskela (world traveler & awesome daughter) suggested Natalie Grant, our #4 seed. She faces off against #13 George Jones, nominated by Robin Mohr (the only friend I’ve made solely from the internet, and the best person I can think of for her role as FWCC Section of the Americas Executive Secretary).


Davida Ankeny Brown (soprano, chemistry professor) suggested #6 Pastor Patrinell Wright and the Total Experience Gospel Choir…this is true Gospel Choir, people! They face off against a trio that a friend and co-worker made me aware of, and I nominate as the #11 seed, The Roches.


Bethany Bylsma almost unfriended me, berated me, would have punched me over ousting Whitney Houston in Week 1. But she and Austin Comfort (Southern Oregon student, actor, friend) nominated Whitney again, and she is a #3 seed. They nominated different versions, and I chose the shorter, live feel directly from the movie “The Preacher’s Wife”. Whitney faces off against Steve Green, Erin Heasley Knoch’s recommendation (college friend, Alaskan, one of the kindest people I know).


J Rourke (young and a music major, as he so forcefully reminded me in week 1) went apoplectic and got all threatening when his pride and joy lost in week 1. But he bravely nominated Sufjan Stevens once again, and he earns a #7 seed this week. Bethany Bylsma is the one who actually nominated #10 The Muppets, but I am making Melanie Springer Mock the co-sponsor, as she has been such a Muppets fan throughout Advent Caroling Madness.


And finally, we have a heavy hometown favorite, the #2 seed George Fox University. Erin Knoch also nominated this one, and as I listened/watched, I saw the faces of many that I know (some of whom can vote for themselves if they vote for this!). They face off against Glad, one of the first Christian a capella groups. Martha Wood (she-talked-with-me-about-Moltmann-on-the-sidewalk!!!!!!!!!) nominated them.

There you go, team! Make your votes count! I’ll declare winners at 9 pm PST on Wednesday and post the next matchups!

2 thoughts on “Bracket Released for Advent Caroling Week #3

  1. So I personally have nothing against the Allman Brothers, but Aretha kills it.
    Third Day needs better video-makers. I take points off for cheesy powerpoint.
    I still don’t believe that Joy to the World can be a blues song. But Andrew Ripp did a pretty convincing job. Nonetheless, Train, one of the few bands I have actually seen live, and their video dedication, pull it out.
    OK. Pitting my choice against your daughter’s, who all your other friends actually know and love? Not fair. And the format is funky, but that’s not your fault. But I think that George will carry the day. It’s not a popularity contest, right? It’s a song contest.
    The real upset here is that I voted for anyone over the Muppets. But the Sufjan Stevens piece is lovely.


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