Bracket Released for Advent Caroling Madness #2

Welcome, one and all, to week 2 of Advent Caroling Madness! This week, 16 versions of “Angels We Have Heard on High” will face off to see which emerges as the best.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 10.55.13 PM

I received many suggestions again this week, and only added one of my own. I largely based the seeds on my personal preference, since the winner will be decided completely by your votes. The one exception is that so many people recommended The Piano Guys that I simply felt they had to be the number 1 seed, even though I would not have put them there. So thank you to Catherine Trzeciak, Judy Woolsey, Bethany Muhr, Lisa Hereford, Paula Hampton, Craig Morgan, and Lisa Nauman for that recommendation!

The #2 seed is my contribution, from Committed. These guys won the second season of the Sing-Off (before Pentatonix in season three), and I absolutely love this arrangement and their sound.

Heidi Tschan recommended the #3 seed, Christmas at Luther. In her note, she recommended it mostly for the arrangement, although “the choir is good, too”. I really liked it.

Coming in at #4 was a serious out of the blue contender for me, recommended by Carol Sherwood. Cody Carnes and David Osmond give a very fun version.

#5 seed Pentatonix was Martha Wood’s suggestion, and it’s one that would have been on my list.

Andrea Bocelli is not my usual style of music, but this #6 seed earns it simply on the quality of the voice. Bethany Bylsma recommended it “for the high note at 4:19. KILLER.” Doreen Fertello also offered this one.

Bylsma the overachiever also offered #7 seed Ella Fitzgerald. Just fantastic.

#8 “A Kenton Christmas” by the US Army Brass Band was Howard Macy’s excellent suggestion. Wonderful arrangement.

We have ANOTHER Bylsma offering in the #9 slot, one of my sentimental favorites as well, from Michael W. Smith.

J Rourke, with perhaps a tongue-in-cheek submission, ended up giving us the #10 seed. Who doesn’t love Charlie Brown/The Vince Guaraldi Trio?

Earning my respect at #11 is Bad Religion, nominated by both Ben Kulpa and Bob Ramsey.

Josh Groben and Brian McKnight hold down the #12 line, a suggestion from Erin Knoch.

#13 is the Philadelphia Brass Ensemble, suggested by David Sherwood. #14 from Bob Ramsey is Found Wandering. Martha Wood offered Sara Groves (My Space still lives! Who knew?), and she comes in at #15. And Fernando Ortega completes our bracket at #16, nominated by Tyler Gerdin.

Make sure to vote here!!!

2 thoughts on “Bracket Released for Advent Caroling Madness #2

  1. Okay, anything Philadelphia automatic vote. I didn’t even listen to the other one.

    Also, Ella uber alles. There were better songs in the Charlie Brown repertoire – we have the Vince Guaraldi album.

    Bad Religion vs. Andrea Bocelli. That was hard. But my family swayed for Bad Religion.

    The rest will have to wait for morning. Oh and by the way, unless you switch computers, you can’t vote more than once.. I tried.


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