Reading resources

I’ve read a lot of different things over the last few weeks, preparing for the last two messages. I thought it might be helpful to post links to several of them, in case others are interested in exploring. I don’t agree with everything written in these links, but I found something important and learned from each.

This piece asks men to take responsibility for what they do with their eyes and their minds as they see a woman.

Modesty, by Rachel Held Evans 

Rachel Held Evans points out the ways teaching about modesty can actually objectify women.

  • From the blog, Tell Me Why the World is so Weird:

This piece was an eye opener for me, because her telling of her story helped me understand the damage and frustration that can come from a woman who is doing her best to live into the idea that she shouldn’t cause problems for other men.

And in this piece, the anonymous author of this blog gives her perspective on a solution for women as they think of this issue.



Why is it important for people to take responsibility for their own thoughts and not blame or shame? Some examples:

After Miley Cyrus grabbed lots of headlines, more discussion happened.

Finally, three links that are difficult to read because of the honesty and bravery of these women sharing the pain they’ve experienced because they were not honored and respected.

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