I need your suggestions!

Friday will be my last day in the office before I begin the wondrous gift of a sabbatical. The purpose of this time away is rest, renewal, and reflection. I will have time…something I haven’t had for awhile.

Yesterday I had an idea: I would love to have my community share with me things that give YOU rest, renewal, joy, and help you find peace. I even dream that for each day of the sabbatical, there will be something for me to try from one of my friends.

So…would you help me? Is there a song that brings you joy, or peace, or life? Something you do that helps you renew mind and spirit? A poem or blog post or article that you love? I’d love it if you share it with me!

I’m willing to try just about anything once. It’s fine if it’s something that is spiritual, and it’s fine if it isn’t. I just figure I’ll be better off if more people have input into the activities that will give renewal and rest and joy.

I’m imagining activities that are around 5 minutes; no more than 20, though, or it may be too daunting to keep doing each day. 🙂 I’ve set up a Google form that will make it easy for you to submit stuff and easy for me to compile all the responses. Here’s a link to the form.

I hope you’ll give me the gift of your time to help my time on the sabbatical be richer!

One thought on “I need your suggestions!

  1. I LOVE dialogue journaling with Jesus. Literally. Sitting quietly with my Bible, notepad or journal and a writing instrument, or some like to use their computer….I prefer the old fashioned way…pen and paper 🙂 minimum 15 minutes….Ask Him anything. Write down your question. Sit still and wait for His answer and write down every word He gives you. Don’t think, don’t question…just write. You will have a back and forth dialogue, again write everything out. This is a very, very special time I have nearly every day with Jesus. May God richly bless your time.


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