Post 13-6

As I’ve re-started blogging this month, I’ve caught myself a couple of times thinking of how technology changes. I started blogging 8 years ago, on blogspot. Things like links, adding pics and movies were still a bit clunky and occasionally even needed html code tweaking. I remember getting all excited to find ecto, a blogging program that made things so much easier…although in hindsight it was a kludge taped to a jerry-rigged deal. (Pictures were uploaded to Flickr, managed by a program called 1001, which interfaced with ecto).

I’ve long since moved to wordpress, which not only has way more tools simply in the web-based interface, but also has an iOS app. In the six posts so far, I’ve posted from my computer, my phone, and my iPad. It’s pretty seamless.

Now the big question is…do blogs have any relevance in our overpopulated social media world?

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