Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Tonight, I finally saw Voyage of the Dawn Treader, with Elaine and Aubrey. As so many had told me, it was pretty good, just very different from the book. I always find it strange what they choose to change and what they choose to leave the same.

Anyway, in the middle of it, I had a great idea for a mashup. As they enter the dark island, they realize that the things they think become reality. Someone yells, “Don’t think of anything bad!” But immediately, Edmund says, “Sorry everybody!” and it’s clear he’s thought of something horrible.

Lucy says, “What did you think of, Ed?” That’s when I had the immediate flashback to Ghostbusters. “Ray…what did you do Ray?”

“I couldn’t help it. It just came to my mind. It’s…it’s… It’s the stay puff marshmallow man.”

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