2 thoughts on “Job's Journey of Suffering

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for blogging again. And thank you especially for the messages from Job. I have a dear friend, one of my fellow musicians in the church I attend, who is somewhat a modern day Job, it seems. She is a dear Christian woman. A few years ago a grandson was born with severe handicaps. A year ago on Thanksgiving Day, her house burned. Through all of this, she remained one of the most positive people I know. This past fall we all knew that she was very ill, but there was not a diagnosis for her. On the first Sunday of January of this year, on a day she was scheduled to share her music in church, she was rushed to the hospital in severe pain, and then there was a diagnosis –ovarian cancer. The prognosis is not what we would like. She’s had 2 surgeries and has been in pain most of these two months. She was again flown to the hospital yesterday. Your messages have brought understanding and peace to me. Thank you.


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