Blogging workshop at FWCC

Last Friday night was a great experience.

I was at FWCC’s annual gathering for the section of the Americas. Robin Mohr invited me to join her in leading a listening group on how blogging is helpful in the Quaker discussion. I really enjoyed the opportunity to hear her speak in person about her own journey and how she has followed leadings that have opened through writing and now traveling to and leading discussions among various Friends’ groups. Robin, I really believe, being used very effectively to help articulate common round for Quakers and lead us forward toward the future God has for us.

I thought the listening group went well; but the best part of the time for me was people. I loved meeting people I’ve interacted with on blogs, talked with on the phone, and known of for awhile. I had amazing conversations with new F/friends as well. In particular, Jeff Hipp from New England YM gave a profound description of how he is striving now to let the Light shape him, rather than to use it as a tool to give him what he desires.

I’m in a season where it has been difficult to make time for blogging; I hope the day will come when that season passes, and I’ll write more regularly. But even if I never blog again, this journey of friendship and faith has been well worth it!

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