St. Augustine of Hippo

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The pastors and theologians of the early church caught on quickly to the paradox and the beauty of the incarnation.

He is the One through whom all things have been made, and, on Christmas, Who has been made in the midst of all things…

He is great in the eternal day of the angels but small in the time-conditioned day of [humanity].

He is the Word of God before all time and the Word made Flesh in the fullness of time.

Maker of the sun, He is made under the sun.

Disposer of all ages in the bosom of His Father, He consecrates Christmas Day in the womb of His mother.

In Him He remains while from her he goes forth. Creator of the heavens and the earth, He is born on earth under the heavens.

Unspeakably wise, He is wisely speechless. Filling the universe, He lies in a manger. Ruler of the stars, He nurses at His mother’s bosom.

He is both great in the nature of God and small in the form of a servant, but His greatness is not diminished by His smallness nor His smallness overwhelmed by His greatness.

St. Augustine of HIppo (d. AD 430)

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