Blog-o-lution; Blog-evolve-tion

Yes, the cyclical nature of blogging has proved itself once again; only the troughs between waves of activity seem to be getting longer and longer. For my own sake, I want to post a few of my thoughts about this blog.

I began this journey of blogging to push myself to write more often. I enjoy wordsmithing and wordcrafting, and wanted this to be a discipline for just that. And behold, in the beginning, it was good.

The first evolution was the beautiful recognition that blogging gave me a chance to connect with a wider Quaker community. I now have friends across the country and the Quaker spectrum that I would not have without this blog. I have received a lot in those relationships, and I think I’ve contributed some as well. And behold, in the middle, it was good.

The second evolution was the painful recognition that even though I titled the blog, “Gregg’s Gambles”…when I actually took steps approaching a “gamble,” I realized that even being a public figure on a very minor scale means vulnerability has consequences. And behold, in the 7th inning, it was not-so-good.

The third evolution was to make the blog more of a personal/family outlet: here’s who I am and what’s going on in my life, with the occasional thoughtful piece when the mood struck. And behold, in the 8th inning, it was sporadic and good.

The fourth evolution was Facebook coming to a “tipping point” for me personally and for lots of others. It’s a much richer, better, web 2.0 way of getting at the personal/family outlet. And behold, in the 9th inning, the blog was VERY sporadic and okay.

So I have to decide whether, to continue the baseball metaphor, the blog-game comes to an end after 9 innings, or whether we enter extra innings, or whether a new blog-game commences.

I’m leaning toward the latter-est option. I just want to say “out loud” here that my personal/family stuff will mostly be on Facebook; so, if you’re someone who likes to know that kind of stuff about me, add me as a friend on Facebook (which might mean taking the plunge to join yourself, which I think would be worthwhile).

I’m not sure what this blog will become exactly. Which, I know, is death according to the “successful blog rules.” I’ll try to be better about posting messages from Sunday, when I have a written piece that is able to be posted. (As I said a few months ago, my preparation practice has changed for my messages, and I don’t always manuscript out what I’m going to say, trusting the Spirit to work in me in the moment. And I don’t have the time to write out my thoughts after the fact when that happens.)

My guess is, for this season at least, I will not be posting on any sort of regular schedule. Our family life has changed fairly drastically from when I began this blog almost 4 years ago: I have a 1st grader, a middle schooler, and a high schooler, all of whom add many activities to the family calendar. Elaine is working outside the home again (as an educational aide in our town’s alternative high school, which she’s really excelling at!). All that adds up to less time for blogging.

So, there you go. Thanks to those of you who still have me in your blog reader or check here once in a blue moon to see if I’ve posted anything. I really do enjoy this interaction, and wish I had more time for it.

3 thoughts on “Blog-o-lution; Blog-evolve-tion

  1. But Gregg, your sporadic posting was my inspiration to keep at blogging even if I don’t do it very often! Now I’ll just read all those frequent bloggers and feel guilty:-)
    Really, I do enjoy a peek inside your life now and then (for what that’s worth) but am happy to follow you on FB or wherever you feel like writing.


  2. To every thing, turn, turn, turn, there is a season, turn, turn, turn…
    (I forget who sang that, but it’s stuck in my head now.)

    When I started blogging, it was just to capture the essays that were composing themselves in my head. Then, having gone through some of the same innings, I found myself feeling committed to my blog. And now, it’s in a fallow period.

    And a time to every purpose, under heaven.

    The great thing about having a bloglines account is that it doesn’t matter if you don’t write for a while – when you do, I’ll know, and I’ll read it.


  3. Hey Gregg! It’s good to know what’s up in your blog-land…I agree about the blog rhythms. I enjoy reading your thoughts when you post them, and obviously it’s good to have something that challenges you to be disciplined, but it’s also not a good thing if it gets in the way of other good stuff (like hanging out with your ladies!). It’s hard to know where that tipping point comes. I agree with Robin that it’s OK if you don’t write all the time–we’ll just see the new headline when you do!


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