Are we really going to talk about pacifism?

Newberg Friends is an interesting Friends meeting. We have many, many committed Quakers; and we have many committed Christians from other backgrounds. I’ve been feeling nudged more in the last couple of years to talk more about our specific core values as Friends, and yet to find ways to do so in a diverse environment.

Some feel I apologize and make too many disclaimers for what we think; some think I’m not sensitive enough to those who think differently. Probably means I’m getting closer to where I should be. 🙂

Anyway, I wanted to give that mini-explanation for those from other Quaker circles who wonder why I wouldn’t just dive right in to our peace-making testimony in this message. I feel good about how this ended up, as a specifically Christian and biblical foundation for our peace-making testimony.

Here you go. Are we really going to talk about Pacifism?

3 thoughts on “Are we really going to talk about pacifism?

  1. If we were a small country congregation of older Quakers the term pacifism would be understood by all but to our world today the word brings the idea of passivity. Pacifism is not a word used in the Bible. It has been used among Quakers to describe our understanding of how Jesus calls us to live but if it brings to us the idea of passivity, it is a poor example of the life Jesus calls us to. Jesus is the most aggressive example we have for living in God’s Kingdom.


  2. Bob, I agree completely with finding ways to speak about peace making that completely obliterate passivity. In our neck of the woods, it’s actually a question I get fairly regularly: are you pacifists? I really did seriously consider not using the word, if that makes you feel any better. 🙂


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