Before I post what I shared last Sunday in worship, I feel like I owe a little bit of an explanation about why it’s been so long between postings of messages.

During our corporate fast this summer, our big goal was to set aside normal patterns and habits to really hear the voice of the Spirit. One of the ways I did that was to ask God about my process for preparing messages. Many weeks in the fast and since, I’ve not felt liberty to write out the message ahead of time. Sometimes I had nothing written, sometimes I had outlines, sometimes I had notes to myself. I didn’t think it was helpful to post those on the blog.

So, as I move forward, I imagine there will be times when I script what I say ahead of time (always, of course, being sensitive and responsive to the Spirit’s leading when I speak…I often change or add or subtract to what I’ve prepared), and times when I don’t. When I have something that seems appropriate to post, I will do so.

Last week, we had people read and dramatize virtually the entire book of Esther. It was great! And this is what I shared.

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