Home, but still vacating

family, rv

After 42 hours and 35 minutes of driving, and 2,214 miles, we’re back home. But I’m still officially on vacation, and I’m glad for that! We had an amazing time, full of scenic beauty, adventure, and crisis. I’ll probably blog about the crisis first, but for tonight, my goal was simply to break my radio silence.

A funny thing happened on this trip, and it was the reason for my radio silence. We only had internet access a few times, and our older two daughters absolutely hogged the computer: e-mails, chats, Skype…they had people to stay connected with, by gum. By the time I’d get my turn, it was usually 11 at night, and I wasn’t up to blogging our adventures.

So, tonight and tomorrow I’ll be uploading pictures to my Flickr account. Feel free to take a peek, and hopefully I’ll blog some soon. And I’ve got another non-vacation, old style, real blog post brewing in the noggin, too, so stay tuned for further developments.

2 thoughts on “Home, but still vacating

  1. Three Things …
    1. Did you make it to Crater’s of the Moon?
    2. I’m glad you got to experience the vast Idaho desert.
    3. Chevy Chase called and he wants his vacation back!


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