Rapid Recap

Hey there, hi there, and ho there! I haven’t forgotten this blog, it just looks like I have. Our church has experienced a corporate fast, we’ve been preparing for vacation, I’ve been exploring writing a dialogue with an agnostic friend of mine, and the blog has been sadly neglected.

Daughter numero uno hit catorce a few days ago. Remembering that my dad first let me drive a car when I was 14 (I got to move it in the parking lot at Carver when we were fishing on the Clackamas River), my birthday present to her was teaching her how to drive a stick. She did great!

Talli's 14th birthday

Two summers ago, we looked into adding on another bedroom to our house. Verdict? Too expensive. So we bought a used RV to serve as a guest house, and began dreaming of a big trip together. The previous owners had a problem with the roof; everything was replaced, a new roof was put on, and things looked good. However, I didn’t know the seams on the roof had to be caulked every year. Long story short, the bed area over the cab had a lot of water leakage and was smelling quite mildewy. We could have had someone do it right for $4,000 to $6,000. Yeah right. So, for the last couple months, I’ve been ripping it out and rebuilding it. I spent about $300, and it turned out ok. But it’s made the last several weeks a tad on the stressful side.

But now? Now it’s all worth it. We’re on an almost three week excursion to Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, and interesting spots in between. As we have wifi spots, I’ll update you on our progress.

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