Days 1 and 2


Aiming to leave Monday at around 9, we got out our driveway a little before 1. Not bad.

Our destination was Osburn, Idaho, about an hour east of Spokane, Washington. Considering our late start AND that we literally, actually ran out of gas on the highway, pulling into our campground at 10:15 pm was quite the achievement. (Hey, and I got to ride in the nice police officer’s back seat like a criminal to go get a can of gas!)

Got up this morning and had a little 1/2 hour drive to the Hiawatha Bike Trail. We first heard about this from my brother and sister-in-law, but Elaine’s the one that figured out this would be perfect as a stop on the way to Glacier. They’ve converted an old train line to a mountain biking path. Fortunately, you can drive in to the TOP and go DOWN, and then lazy people like us pay to take the shuttle bus back up. Here’s Aubs at the start of the day:

Top of the Hiawatha trail

The day had tunnels (the first pitch black, over a mile and a half, cold, very wet and muddy, and of course we all came out massively splattered because we let catorce girl lead the pack at much too fast a pace), riding, and beautiful scenery. What else is there to blog about? Aubrey followed me on a tagalong bike (Thanks, Muthiahs!), we all had a great time.

Drove another 45 minutes to an RV park Elaine found. Heaven!!! Beautiful view near St. Regis, Montana:

St. Regis campground

Even got to swim in the pool:

St. Regis Campground pool

I’m so enjoying myself, I’m almost giddy. Well, I wasn’t giddy when I went running trails with Ms. High School all-American. She said I did pretty good. On that one mile. That was downhill. After I’d rested while she ran ahead. 🙂

I’m heading to bed. And I’m going to sleep well!

2 thoughts on “Days 1 and 2

  1. I can’t believe you were right up the road! The Hiawatha Trail is so much fun. Our family has been riding on it several times. Those dark tunnels can be scary!


  2. What a great vacation!

    I completely understand the running out of gas part… On our family’s trip to Yellowstone two years ago, I nearly did that too. It was very close, but we did reach a gas station. After that I was much more careful with those long stretches of road!

    Enjoy the trip!


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