Timely help

“It’s easy to say ‘Jesus is my Savior.’ But sometimes people’s approval is my functional Savior.”

Bob Hyatt has been speaking to us at our Yearly Meeting’s pastors’ conference, and he’s been quite helpful to me. Last night, he kept reminding us the good news of the gospel: God’s grace through Jesus gives us our identity, our hope, our salvation, everything. We’re so tempted to let other things become our identity, our hope, our salvation. I’ve got several functional Saviors that need to be crucified and not resurrected.

One thought on “Timely help

  1. This reminds me of a small group conversation I had related to a sermon on forgiveness and redemption (November something) when I wrote in my journal that I *wanted* to give some stuff up for dead but it wouldn’t stay in the grave. I said something like, “My poor coping skills keep giving it CPR.” I think the pastor said something about “real change *is* possible”…God making beauty out of ashes…God pouring beauty and love over us…something like that.

    It has been very cool watching God work in mysterious ways in this particular area in me. Hope you can look back some day and say the same.


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