This morning, with the first light of dawn cracking the sky, I tried to picture an earthquake; tried to imagine a stone rolled back, the tear-stained faces of women whose unhoped for dream had already come true. I couldn’t really do it. But I’m immensely grateful for God’s limitless power and love. And I want that power and love to live in and through me to a greater and greater extent.

Happy Easter! Christ is risen! He is risen indeed.

One thought on “Life

  1. As I watched the light creep in and read the scriptures this morning, I couldn’t quite grasp the feeling of the story either. I am almost a little glad though. I wonder how I would have taken the despair of the past two days and then the incredible joy of seeing the Master. What a ride! I am afraid that my heart would have burst like a popped water balloon.

    My gratefulness will never be enough but I will go to the grave with his praise on my lips.

    He is risen indeed.


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