Tomorrow begins march madness, one of my favorite fun times of the year! Read past stuff here…and if you’re interested in joining (before 8 am PDT Thursday morning) here’s the scoop:

STEP 1: Click this link to go directly to my group.

You can enter your member name and password if you already have a free account at ESPN, or create an account (if you create a new one, uncheck all the boxes so you don’t get a bunch of e-mail).

After you’ve logged in or created an entry, you enter the password for the group, which is “twelve” (without the quotes). Then you’re in!

STEP 2: Pick who you think will win all the games. After you pick your teams, you don’t have to do anything else; just enjoy the games for 3 weeks! To pick your teams or follow the progress throughout the tournament, use the following link:

Game Front:
Group: Gregg’s Group XII
Password: twelve

For inspiration and laudation, I hereby post the March Madness Hall of Fame:

Imagine…join this year, and your name could end up in the hall of fame!

Year: Pool Name: Hall of Famer: NCAA Champion: Honorable Mention:
2007 Gregg’s Group XI Don Staples Florida
2006 Gregg’s Group X Doug Woodward Florida
2005 Gregg’s Group 9 Nancy Woodward North Carolina
2004 Gregg’s Group 8 Ron Woodward Connecticut
2003 Gregg’s Group 7 Diane Fawver Syracuse
2002 Boise Bowl 6 Lonny Bumgardner Maryland
2001 Boise Bowl 5 Gregg Koskela Duke
2000 Boise Bowl 4 Jim Steele Michigan State
1999 Koskela’s Madness 3 Gregg Koskela Connecticut
1998 Koskela’s Madness 2 Jim Steele Kentucky Diane Fawver
1997 Koskela’s Madness 1 Tim Hyatt Arizona Doug Koskela

(The honorable mention goes way back before ESPN hosted this thing. I had another scoring method that gave you bonus points for picking upsets, and Doug and Diane won under that scoring method.)

So, I let you dream of the day when your name might be etched into this hall of fame.

3 thoughts on “Basketball!

  1. So where’s the hall of supreme mediocrity? I’ve been smack in the middle of the pack for a good number of those years. Thanks for offering most of us this opportunity to be beaten by our kids.


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