Been blogging in my head…

…and now I’m making time to write it down.

When I read on Saturday that President Bush had vetoed the anti-torture bill passed by Congress, I about blew a gasket. Here’s the thing: we can disagree politically, we can disagree about what’s best to do in a world of terrorism. We can all be followers of Jesus and disagree on lots of things. But when it comes to what our basis for morality ought to be, what the basis for our decision is, our process for deciding what is right, there ought to be a lot less that separates us. And I see a Grand Canyon-size gulf between myself and George Bush.

If your morality is such that you decide some things are ok because of the result they bring, then in my opinion, your morality is not one that is centered on the teachings of Christ. Your morality has you at the center. Everything centers on your view of what the best results are in the world. Our president calls himself an Evangelical, but his reasons for vetoing the bill placed on his desk betray him to be an Evangelical without a Christ center on his moral compass.

But Peggy said this much better than I did already, while I was blogging the above in my head.

Last Sunday, we had a business meeting where God’s Spirit was wonderfully present in our meeting (see AJ for more). My message Sunday morning (I’ve not spoken for four weeks, and I won’t this coming Sunday either) was a call to our community to participate in a corporate fast this summer, a fast from all our religious activity except our gatherings for worship. You can read it here.

2 thoughts on “Been blogging in my head…

  1. Wow is right. Isaiah 58 has long been one of my favorite chapters. And it’s just a little later where we find Isaiah 61, which Jesus proclaimed in the synagogue at the beginning of his public ministry.


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