Go. See. U23D!!!!

Do not pass go, do not collect $200. If you can’t go tomorrow, go during the Super Bowl. Just go.

Layers upon layers of immersive, perfected bliss. Poignant, powerful songs. Unmatched musicianship. Bono is a passionate performer without peer. Multi-layered message, conveyed beautifully, sonically, visually, spatially, dramatically, technically. I’ve not been a U2 groupie up to this point, but that may no longer be true.

I think of people who rail against current culture, who say that the only result of an MTV world is a dearth of depth and too-short attention spans. Watch this to understand how it can be done well, to immerse yourself in the native tongue of new generations, to see artists with a powerful message to convey, and the creativity and skill to bring it home.

Integration and joy. That’s what I saw. Four men who are doing what they love and were created to do, and using it not just to entertain, but to move hearts, change minds, and influence world empires toward justice.

And that’s all the gushing that I’ll do tonight.

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