Barclay Press #9

Wednesday was one of those days that reminds me why I could write, “I love what I do!” on Monday.

I got to speak in a Political Science class at George Fox University about how I face separation of church and state issues. Clint, Professor Baldwin, invited me…and then took me to coffee afterward, where we discussed the current presidential race.

I had lunch with one of the other pastors in town, who I haven’t been with in months and months. I got to listen to his pain, hear his struggles, celebrate God’s work in him, and ask God to empower him and bless him.

I had my weekly meeting with one of our pastoral team members, and we talked about amazing ways God is at work in and through him.

I met with someone from our church who is considering taking a huge risk in order to follow God’s leading, and we laughed and cried together about what that would look like.

Then I was home with my daughters, because Elaine was serving dinner to teen moms. Elaine has given herself to lots of things, and Young Lives is one of the things I’m really proud of her for doing. Aubrey hugged me, Hayley showed me something she fixed, and Talli told me about the new trumpet mouthpiece.

I got to talk with my neighbors about the hard stuff they are going through. I did the dishes, put two kids to bed, and ran in the rain.

In so many moments, I noticed the presence of God. A good day!

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