Barclay Press #4

Wednesday, I gathered with other Newberg pastors for a prayer summit. We met at 5 Rock Ranch, outside of Yamhill, Oregon.

One of the best things about the day came in the late afternoon. We’d gotten to the point where we could share honestly how we needed prayer, and it helped tremendously to feel a sense of connection to each other when we realized how similar our needs were. At the beginning of the day, I realized that other than one of the pastors there, these were not people I felt an incredible “kinship” with. I asked God to help the day build a sense of connection and community, and that prayer experience became God’s answer.

The other “best thing” was time for personal reflection and being in God’s creation. It was a cold, clear, crisp day; the drive out in the morning was a worship experience in itself! During a short break in the afternoon, I walked down by the little creek. It wasn’t cold enough to freeze the moving water, but along the edges, you would find this:


As water would splash up from the river and stick to a weed or branch, it would freeze. Over time, more and more of those drops built up to make some beautiful, frozen icicles.

I notice a similar trait in myself. When I’m in the flow of God’s current experience, I stay fluid. Get just a little bit outside, and I freeze up.

ice along the river

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