Barclay Press #3

I’m full, God. The good kind of full. Many good things from the day are filling me with contentment and joy and gratefulness to you. May S______’s meeting today be one where she is able to resist being drawn in emotionally, and instead be a firm and loving presence. For H________ and for B__________…would you please go around, under, between, and through the cracks in their defensive walls? Would you melt them with your deep love for them? Please lay the groundwork of your acceptance and love for them that will cause them to accept and love themselves. Make good on John’s promise in the bible that perfect love drives out fear. Drive out their fear, their fear that causes each of them to lash out, hurting others and hurting themselves by leaving them alone.

I pray that you will bring physical healing to L________and C__________. And for me…I’m looking forward to being at this prayer summit with other pastors from Newberg. I open myself to you, God. Speak as you wish. I offer myself to you, God. Use me and help me be attentive if I’m to serve one or more of them.

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