Are we really going to talk about…

So I’m finding myself getting perversely excited about this scary series we’re beginning in worship at NFC.

We’re going to tackle some of the controversial and difficult topics that don’t get talked about much, because we disagree with each other in so many ways. I get nervous when I think of posting these on the blog, because as diverse as NFC itself is, the readership here is even more diverse. But, I’m realizing again that I really do like talking and thinking through ideas, and I’m not afraid to be different from others. I’m not above changing my mind, either! So I hope that if a topic comes up, and you disagree with what I write/say, you’ll comment away, and we can have a good discussion.

What I did last Sunday was try to set the “groundrules” for this journey. Sunday morning worship is not even close to the best place to talk about issues that are controversial. But feedback from others and the prompting of the Spirit makes it seem right for this time in the life of our meeting. So, the groundrules are to help us be as productive as we can be; to have humility, to give permission to disagree, to not beat each other over the head with the truth, but trust God to be at work.

Here’s what I shared

4 thoughts on “Are we really going to talk about…

  1. Wow! Love the “ground rules”! Reading your blog and about Newberg Friends Church almost makes me wish I lived in the area and could attend. Now that says a lot coming from a “died in the wool” Conservative Friend :-).

    Peace out bro’,


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