Family get together


A couple of months ago, Elaine started working on her brothers. The goal? Gather all of the Haworth side of the family together around Christmas. After much e-mailing and phone calling, we’re here in a rented home near Lake Shasta, California, with Elaine’s parents, brother Noel and family, with brother Loren and family on the way as I type.

The sets of cousins that are here have had a great time. The water level of the lake is way, way down, and today we found an old, pre-Shasta Lake bridge that’s usually underneath 80 feet of water. Took this picture with the cousins on it:

One set of cousins

The rest of the time has been spent playing cards:

Card playing at Shasta

Using three laptops and the rented house’s desktop to play group webkinz:

Playing webkins on the computer

Putting together puzzles:

Puzzle time

And checkers:

Raenicia playing checkers

I’m still liking the camera a lot. πŸ™‚ Several of the above shots were taken with some of Noel’s lenses, which are amazing and shockingly outside of my price range. πŸ˜‰ But this last one was with the eBay telephoto zoom, and I love it:

Talli at Shasta

One thought on “Family get together

  1. So close, and yet still so far…

    Nice pictures. Chris bought us a camera with his birthday money from my family. It’s so fun to have the digital to shoot until you get the right shot!

    Happy New Year!


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