Christmas has been full of down time, which I’ve really been drinking in. My parents and brother and his wife, along with Elaine’s parents, joined us for Christmas Day. Since then, more time than usual to just “be”, and that’s been great.

Elaine and I had decided to get each other a camera for Christmas…it ends up being a present from my parents, thanks to their generosity. 🙂 So, Kathy, I’m excited to have an upgrade from the camera phone. It arrived in the mail on Friday; last night I picked up a telephoto zoom on Craigslist to add to the kit lens, and I got these two pics playing around with the new lens this afternoon.

I love this one of Hayley! Not perfectly sharp, but pretty good for a slow shutter speed!

Hayley at home

And one outside, just dinking around:

split rail

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