Living Out Love: Full Circle

It’s been a busy week! Sorry for neglecting the blog. I really am trying to get back in the swing of regular posting.

Last week, we finished our look at our vision statement as a church. I’ll be honest: I never felt like I got out what I was trying to say. This is pretty much what I said 1st service. I left my notes 2nd and 3rd service, and tried to get it out, but it just never got there completely. I’m grateful that God works in spite of us, sometimes.

One thought on “Living Out Love: Full Circle

  1. Ministry is just like that sometimes, isn’t it? Sometimes the Spirit moves and sometimes It doesn’t. It doesn’t come on command.

    Last month, I attended a traditional protestant service. It was the pastor’s 25th anniversary of his ordination; his parents were there, and a bunch of other people; he was all dressed up; but the service, his sermon in particular didn’t light up, didn’t catch fire. I’ve been there other times when their services, including his sermons, have been great. But this one day, when I’m sure he’d have liked it to be spectacular, wasn’t.

    It’s another way of keeping us all humble.


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