Painful irony

Pondering potential oxymorons is a luxury in which I really shouldn’t have indulged. Whether my supposed marriage of great technological skill and Quaker theology is an oxymoron or not, I proved this morning that the whole premise of Tuesday’s post was completely off base. I got absolutely hammered and destroyed by technology today in our worship gathering. It was a colossal failure.

Failure has a way of humbling a philosophical post, and pushing me back toward what’s really important.

3 thoughts on “Painful irony

  1. As a perfectionist who likes to plan to the smallest detail (and take care of all of it myself so it doesn’t get messed up!), I felt your pain! BUT, as someone who’s failed many times and lived to tell about it, I also know that the pain fades. Like someone yelled out during service, we still love you, Gregg! 🙂


  2. What if…what happened was supposed to happen? Since everything worked perfectly up until the gathering…what if that which was out of your control was in God’s control? Maybe something else was going on that you didn’t expect or plan for but was there by Design? I wonder… — K.


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