Waking from slumber…

this blog/blogging

Did you hear that? I think it might be me, fingers finding a keyboard, brain finding my blog again. The blogging bug is beckoning me back, and it’s because Robin asked me on facebook if getting a new computer means I might actually blog this month, and because AJ is going hogwild crazy with posts, and because Kathy posted my thoughts exactly (with different details), and because I had a really fun evening honoring my high school speech teacher and I want to tell you about that, and because at the event honoring Diane “Edge” Edgington three people had read my blog, and one of them, who teaches writing at USC, no, who actually teaches a course on blogging said she’s been a lurker here for a long time and said, and I quote: “You’re doing exactly what a blog should do; it’s about your work, it’s personal, it’s deep…it’s a beautiful piece of work.”

So I thought maybe I ought to actually write something on my blog…I’m kinda good at putting two and two together that way. But that’s all I got for tonight, so stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “Waking from slumber…

  1. Finger twitching, reading to swoop off to QuakerQuaker (unless Robin beats me to the punch, unless it’s ones of those too-personal too-deep stuff, grin). My blogging sure has rhythms tied somewhat to seasons.


  2. Dude, it’s Nablogpomo: you’s gots ta blog!

    Okay, need more deets on the relation to Kathy’s post: you’re worse than an episode of 24!

    (Glad you’re back). 🙂


  3. I’d say “welcome back” but that would be the third time and I don’t want to sound like an unimaginative broken record. We do miss you when you’re gone. And, you are a brilliant mathematician – I’m glad you’re still listening to your friends at least some of the time. 😉


  4. You know what I really miss? Your sermons. I know they’re available as podcasts but that doesn’t work for me very well. I’d rather read them, so I can pause or re-read them as needed.

    I appreciate them as religious education, like dropping in on a Bible study class, led by someone I respect and like, and that doesn’t require extra child care.

    So if it’s not too much extra work, could you go back to posting the texts on your blog?

    Thank you.


  5. You’re all good people. Thanks. AJ, I’ve been working on this for awhile and I have to confess I don’t get it: what the heck is Nablogpomo????

    And Robin, I’m really moved that you miss the sermons. Thanks. I’ll go post those first.


  6. Thank you! Although, if I were you, I’d have spaced them out over a week or so, so it would look like frequent blogging even if it was just catching up. But maybe you have something else so exciting that we can look forward to…?


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