Catch up

Well, with the death of my computer and a heavy work load, the blog has suffered recently. Right now I’m with our team of pastors and other staff at the coast for our annual retreat. It’s been good for us to laugh and cry and get to know each other more deeply, good to sing and rest and worship as well. I’ve taken some time to finally finish posting my journals from our India trip; so, if you didn’t notice in your feed reader, you might want to scroll way down and read them.

This past Sunday night, our team shared about our trip with the congregation, which was really good in so many ways. I was so grateful for each member of the team, and for how they shared so well what we saw God doing in India. I was moved by how moved many of the people attending were by our presentation, and it’s great to know that many of the girls and workers that we met and love now have prayer partners here in the United States.

I have some messages to upload when I’m back home, but right now, it’s time to go do some reading. Peace!

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