Thoughts I’ve had recently that I wish I had NOT acted on:

1. “I should go get some MORE ice cream.”
2. “I know I’m tired, but I should relax a little. Hey, is that Frasier on tv?”

But mostly:

“These are really good instructions. I think I could swap out my laptop hard drive myself.”

8 thoughts on “:(

  1. Real bad. I broke a connector off the logic board, the one that the power button connects to. No hope except a logic board replacement, which costs more than the computer is worth.

    My one teeny consolation is that I’m remembering now some random shutdowns recently and difficulty getting it to turn on. I know I put VERY little force on that connector when it broke. So maybe I just hurried up something that was happening anyway.


  2. SHOOT! That’s SO painful to read – should I feel bad that we’re laughing a little bit??? Sorry 😉 Hopefully you can unload those parts on CraigsList!


  3. Friend you speak my mind on numbers 1 and 2. Just tonight I stretched on the couch to watch a “The Office” episode I had already seen and thought to myself, “I just need to veg!”

    Been there done that … except not with a computer. Many other things … yes, very many.


  4. Aw, poor guy. Don’t you hate it when fixing something is more expensive than buying a new one. That’s SO wrong! But you’re right, it was probably about to die anyway so you’re actually lucky – you have everthing all nicely backed up because you were working on it. Right!?

    Computers & cars – what a pain.


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