I have geeky quirks. And I was reminded of one today.

I like numbers, patterns, milestones, nostalgia, and computers. All those things added together to make for a late night sometime in the past year, when I played around with a spreadsheet and dates. I figured out all sorts of milestones in my life, and then went ahead and set alarms on my computer. Today, one of them went off.

As of today, exactly, I have been a parent for one third of my life. To the day. Just thought you might want to celebrate with me.

12 thoughts on “One-third

  1. As of today, I have been a parent for 57.3% of my life. What might be interesting is to figure out the date when I will have been a parent for exactly twice your time as a parent (if I should live that long). -Your Father

    P.S. I don’t believe I have any of those geeky quirks, though.


  2. Oh, dad, that’s a little too easy. Since you’ll always be a parent for as many years as I’m alive, you’ll be a parent twice as long as me when I’ve been a parent for half my life. November 3, 2020.

    Jason, that’s cool! Happy Birthday, Judah!

    Sorry Denise. 🙂


  3. Stretching my brain here a bit, is being a parent for one third of your life equal to when your first child is half as old as you were when your first child was born? If so, I think I have another six years to go, but figuring it out to the day is too much work.


  4. Good brain work, Robin! That’s right. Long ago I figured out that a date in a spreadsheet is really just a number. So you can subtract dates from each other to find out how many days in between them. A few formulas written, and you get your answers.


  5. Gregg, why not just figure out the date when you’re twice as old as Talli? Is that also Nov 3, 2020? (I don’t have your spreadsheet.) Looks like there’re a lot of geeky quirkers out there. Maybe a Geeky Quirk society is called for. Could give a new meaning to “GQ”!


  6. I’m with AJ-this is hurting my brain. Sometime I sit down to read blogs as a form of relaxation and then you have to stick the words “formula and spreadsheet.” I am so anti-math.

    Earlier this week Brynn was begging Alan to give her a refresher course in long division. She was at the dinner table pleading with Daddy to finish his dinner so they could go work on it together. About 30 mins later I go upstairs to find them working on it and laughing. Here they were having a good laugh over LONG DIVISION. I felt like I stepped into some other dimension. I think that was the first time I actually liked math.


  7. Gregg,
    Now you are reminding me of my father, who showed up at home one random day with a dozen roses from my mom. It wasn’t her birthday or anniversary or any other special occasion she could figure out. My dad wrote a simple computer program to calculate the date on which she would have been married to him more days than she had been single, then set it to pop up a reminder… very geekish need I say more.

    P.S. AJ- Aaron laughed and said you don’t want to read his blog list. =) Another math and tech geek…


  8. Dad, I did exactly like you said, and yes, it takes leap year into consideration.

    AJ, why in the world would I leave math off my blog, when it gets me more comments then I’ve gotten in months? 😉

    Michelle, that sounds like a great daddy/daughter moment. I have to confess that we don’t often have those laughing moments…but I do like helping with math homework.

    Irene, after the way I’ve heard you talk about your dad, I don’t mind reminding you of him at all!


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