India #16

Mumbai, Wednesday, August 29, 8:26 am

Being in Mumbai the second time is easier. We’re not as tired, we’re more used to India, and the Y almost seems like home. We arrived here around 4:30 pm with nothing planned. “I like having a day with a loose schedule,” Hayley said. She and I went for a walk exploring, and found some potato chips and pop. We came back to the room and watched National Geographic and Animal Planet, and then had some internet time before we all went to dinner.

The evening was great-“Hayley went in the bathroom for an “experiment” that took 1/2 an hour…and came out with one of the bars of soap carved into a heart for me. 🙂 Today, our plan is to meet with International Justice Mission. I’d really like to do that, but I’ll have to see how Hayley’s feeling. Then, we just pack up and rest, and have to leave for the airport around 2:30 am tonight/tomorrow morning.

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