India #15

Between Bangalore and Mumbai, Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2:29 pm

I’m between Hayley and Pat as we travel between Bangalore and Mumbai. I slept well, and I’m really feeling good. I realized this morning that God has done something wonderful in me on this trip. I feel relaxed and rested. I feel like I’ve gotten a really good break, and all the experiences of this trip have renewed my energy and passion for ministry. I preached three different sermons within 24 hours, and really felt God speaking to me an through me. I prayed for many people that we met and for members of our team, and realized I was joining Jesus in the work he was doing in them. I met brave, courageous pastors, who boldly serve Christ in the face of persecution and intense isolation. All of that gives me new inspiration, energy, and encouragement to return to NFC.

The world is a huge, diverse place, and much of it is filled with unspeakable suffering and struggle. But there is not a single inch of the earth where God is absent. Being overwhelmed by millions in poverty, and at the same time seeing the huge contrast of “new wealth” is despair-producing. But at the same time, I have tangible pictures of redemption and life in these men and women who have put their hope in Christ. Jesus DOES matter, he infinitely matters.

I prayed before this trip that God would give me a part of his heart for the world. And now part of my heart is in Dharwad, with Radha and Savitri and Shruti and Grace and Melissa and Arun and Shobha. God you are good and faithful!

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