India #14

Bangalore, Monday, August 27, 11:27 pm (8/27, 10:57 am)

Today was my day to hit the wall. I had a hard time. Last night is the high point in my memory, as Hayley and I talked quite awhile on her bed. I got to name things in her that I’ve seen and love, and I heard her talk about how God has been alive for her. Her attitude has been great!

We met as a team after breakfast, and basically we all felt as I’ve been writing: this ministry in Bangalore is doing good things, but it is not the right fit. It helps us realize even more how good the fit is with the Masseys.

Waiting in Bangalore

Our drivers were almost an hour late picking us up. We visited the government building and courthouse.

Government building in Bangalore

Then they took us to a very luxurious, Western-styled store for shopping. We were all disappointed-not at all what we wanted. I finally found a few things to buy, but knew they were overpriced. As I was being led to the counter to buy, the driver said, “Too expensive! We’ll go to another market Pastor Reuben recommended.”I wanted to ask-“Then why did you bring us here?”It seemed like such a huge waste of time. But later I found out what happened; we went there not for the store, but to go to the famous Hindu temple next door. It was a perfect example of how hard communication has been, and how we spend each day not ever knowing what we’re supposed to be doing.

We went to a great craft market after that, and bought some good stuff for gifts. Then lunch, and then we picked up Pastor Reuben. We were hours behind schedule at that point, and it meant we were in for a late night. We visited two churches and the boys home, then dinner back at Pastor Reuben’s house.

Boys home in Bangalore

I was just tired and done. I’m so ready for bed, but wanted to get some written. Tomorrow, we fly back to Mumbai. Home is in sight.

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