India #1

Hayley and I are sitting in row 25, seats H and K as I write…the seats are her initials. It’s part of our first sign of grace on this trip.

Deluxe seats!

When we arrived in Seattle last night, ready to check in for our flight to Taipei, six of our eleven tickets had been cancelled. Josh spent several exasperating hours wrestling with Eva airlines. Most of the team was oblivious; only Rachelle and I knew what was up. Hayley and Carice and I played games on the floor of the airport. Carice killed us in a dice game version of Phase 10 and in 3 to 13. The plane’s boarding got delayed, but Josh finally returned with the amazing news that the six of us who were cancelled got bumped up to deluxe class! It’s not upperstory first class on this 747, but it’s pretty amazing-reclining seats and more legroom made sleeping a lot easier. Hayley’s doing well. We both slept 6 or 7 hours, and have eaten and watched a DVD of “Nova” on the origins of the earth.

GPS view

Another perk is a video monitor at each of our seats. One of the channels is a GPS view that shows exactly where we are, speed, etc. A little bit after noon back home, when Talli was finishing up her volleyball camp, we flew directly over Kyoto, Japan, which she visited just a few months ago. It doesn’t really make this more real-it’s still surreal, like I’m virtual surfing across Google Earth in my own home. I think it will take the energy and craziness of Taiwan to have this really begin to sink in.

(I’m writing these in a notebook and posting when I get a chance…the date reflects when it’s written, not posted. Posted from Mumbai YMCA International House.)

3 thoughts on “India #1

  1. Happy to hear things are off to a good start (minus the ticket problems). I like seeing what the temperature is outside when you’re way up there. Oh, and your speed on the return flight should be higher cause of the jet stream.

    I pray you receive more signs of grace. Bless you all!


  2. Thanks for posting! We’re following your trip through a very limited imagination and the World Clock so it’s wonderful to have these little snippets. It’s especially nice to know everyone is still together, healthy and experiencing God’s presence. I’m a little suspicious about the first class seats after that comment you made in church but will have to trust it was providence instead. 🙂 Peace, Health & Joy to all.


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