Cracked Pots

NFC, worship & messages

Back from camping, which was very relaxing and good…looking ahead to India in 9 days…much to do, but in a good place.

Yesterday in worship, many people spoke helpfully out of the silence. I spoke from 2 Corinthians 4:7-12. God places the treasure of himself in each of us, in the frailty of our clay pot humanity. We spend a lot of energy and effort worrying and fretting about the appearance of our pot, instead of letting the treasure of God shine through.

I used a painting from a good friend, Melanie Weidner, and it seemed to speak to many.

2 thoughts on “Cracked Pots

  1. This was awesome: very moving vocal ministry (yours and others) that was thought provoking and right on target from every angle.

    Thanks for sharing Melanie’s painting. It helps me see something very important from a different angle. I really appreciate the painting, the scripture, and the timing. Thanks for your faithfulness. — K.


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