So close, yet…

It was June 27, 2005. I began a quest: get a picture of a license plate from every state.

Fast forward to July 7, 2006, just over a year later. I had every state except Delaware. I thought my quest was coming to a close.

Fast forward to July 10, 2007, almost exactly a year later. Delaware is finally spotted on the Indiana turnpike. Picture is attempted. Picture isn’t big enough to prove. Two witnesses are able to confirm it is Delaware, alas, I don’t think it will hold up in the court of blogdom.



6 thoughts on “So close, yet…

  1. I, Gregg’s dad, (who was with him when the photo was taken) do certify that the license plate was in fact that of the State of Delaware. That and a couple bucks will get you a Starbucks!


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