Thanks, Martin!

Technology destroys relationships…sometimes. But because of, I have new relationships that have truly changed me.

I started this blog as a personal outlet, writing about my own thoughts. It was to be a writing discipline alone. What I ended up discovering is that blogging is really about community. Well, communities, actually, and the biggest surprise to me has been the gift of being a part of a community of Quaker bloggers, a community that I know would not be as connected as we are without the work of Martin Kelley and the linking project he has created at QuakerQuaker.

Robin and Chris have been at my house and worshipped with our church community. Liz Opp’s writings and comments have shaped me. I find posts like this that I never would see otherwise, because of QuakerQuaker, and my view of the world expands. I realize that I learn better when I’m around people who think differently than me. I want to see all the multitudinous sides of the diverse world we live in. I don’t want to be flat…I want to develop depth and quirks and not just have like-minded folks affirm each other in our narrowness. I want to see God who goes beyond description and category.

Martin, thanks for giving years to helping Quakers have a connection on the web. We appreciate you! And thanks also to Beppe and Peterson for being willing to engage me in conversation.

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